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Beware! - Another way of scam going on

In the month of February 2022 I was searching for a baby sitter for my 2 yr old kid and posted an ad in Quickr portal. Next day I got a call from Banashankari Services (8660735594) he introduced himself as Kushal Kushi  and he spoke very nicely to me and offered a good deal. He sent few baby sitter to my house for interview. When I finalized a babysitter he asked me to pay 15500/- as the service charge and once I'll do the payment they will provide the service agreement and the babysitter will start working from next day.


He told me that due pandemic office is closed and they are working from home so I need to make the payment through UPI to their phone number. I believed them and transferred Rs. 15500/- to them to Google Pay number 9945744712 on 25th Feb 2022.


After the payment they told the babysitter will come next day and they are going to give the service agreement letter shortly. But nobody came for next days, when I called them again they were telling the babysitter doesn't want to come and they will send another babysitter for interview again. And this process went on for few days. During interview almost all babysitter agreed to start working but they never came for work. When I called one of the babysitter whom we interviewed she said Banashankari Services is not going to pay proper salary to her as per their conversation it seems so she don't want to work.


As these interviewing process going on for some days I asked Santhosha TJ that I don't want babysitter from you anymore and I want refund. He said "Okay sir will refund you 50% of the payment", I insisted him to refund 15000/- and keep 500/- for their service charge but he didn't agree on that. He keep on saying will refund 50% of the amount and I agreed on that.


Week by week went on he keep on saying will refund tomorrow or on some particular date for sure whenever I call him.  Slowly he started cutting my phones and then blocked me in WhatsApp then his phone 8660735594 got out of service. In between I got to know that his actual name is Santhosha TJ 9632318948 due to he replied me once from his another phone accidently and he is still active on this phone number. I contacted Vishal (Google Pay Number) he told me that he was working under Santhosha TJ they were friend and now he is no more working with him.


I didn't get any service and didn't got any refund. Due to heavy office deliverables and house errands I didn't get chance to lodge any complaint yet. Today got few minutes to raise the complaint hoping to get some help.


Santhosha TJ:





Vishal Ips: